PART 2 newsletter 1998

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My favorite roadside sign of the year was in Polson, MT. It was a huge and quite professional billboard, in a very rural area. I think the West has more wacky signs than the East, though maybe they are just bigger and you can't miss 'em. (HR)

neuter your pets

tall ladder


Who Needs Bungee Jumping? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an idiot! It's Harv painting his house. For those of you who have been following my attempts to conquer my phobias, I can report that I no longer have any fear of the 24 foot extension ladder I bought 4 years ago, although it scared the daylights out of me for months as I climbed a rung at a time, sweating and trembling. I now am the proud owner of a 32 foot ladder so I can work on the higher regions of the house, and I am still scared of it, but decreasingly so. My other phobia is permanent, and one I am content to live with, nor will I ever need to, unless I move to a different climate that has large arachnids. I am being extremely careful with my ladders, and they are teaching me a lot about patience. I have new respect for people who build or maintain tall buildings. (E. Healy)

casino sign

Weddings, divorces, blackjack? I guess my career is officially headed for the toilet, because I played my first Casino gig in 1998 at Lake Tahoe. It used to be owned by Frank Sinatra, and is reputedly the last place Marilyn Monroe was seen alive. I never thought I would ever use a plumbing fixture that had served Robert Goulet or Sammy Davis Jr. A promoter used the Indian Room for the concert, so I wasn't actually employed by the casino. I guess game shows are next for me. That's me at the bottom of the picture posing in the snow.(L. Mandris)

leaf pile pic

Where's Waldo? Immersed myself 99.5% in a leaf pile in my yard for the 1st time since childhood. Highly recommended sensation. (M. Kennedy)

no shooting


Somewhere in Utah... An epic battle rages between the 1st and 2nd Amendments. It appears the 2nd one has won this skirmish. There do not appear to have been any witnesses. (H. Reid)

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