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110 cover 6-String Banjo Album Review

Got some great reviews on the banjo album. This one is from BLUEGRASS NOW Magazine

"Artistry of the 6-String Banjo is Harvey Reid's unique and daring solo exploration of what the Deering Maple Blossom 6 and 12-string banjos can accomplish, and in the hands of a master such as Reid, it's a lot. Tuned like guitars but sounding unmistakenly like banjos, these instruments have produced 21 tunes covering an array of genres, including ragtime and sea shantys, bluegrass and traditional, classical plus 10 Reid originals ranging in mood from haunting to 50's rockabilly to bouncy fun.

This mostly instrumental album offers 17 Reid solos (Dan Crary, Moondi Klein & David Surette assist on the other 4) but before you run for the cross and garlic at the thoughts of an all-banjo album, know that in the hands of Harvey Reid, the banjo becomes as sweet and soulful as the violin, as bluesy as steel slide, or as rockin' as the guitar.

Where others fail to produce the sustain necessary to play a slow banjo tune, Reid's performing/arranging skill create melodies that not only entertain but please the ear. One minute you'll find yourself in Granny's parlor at the turn of the century, the next you're dancing on the deck with Popeye; you'll gleefully rediscover 50's rock and roll, then find yourself at a campfire jam or a classical recital. Continuity is maintained by Reid's depth of expression and clarity of tone.

Reid's CD's always include some of the best and most literate liner notes in town. Full of technical info and general comments about each song, plus a comprehensive instrument list and thoughtful, explicit credit given to additional personnel, Harvey Reid's intellect, wit and dry humor make for thought-provoking reading.

A very unusual album, banjo players, guitar pickers and acoustic music enthusiasts in general will find this CD to be immensely enjoyable, tremendously diverse, relaxing and always fun. What makes Harvey Reid's work so special in today's music scene? You'll no doubt find your own explanation, but the journey itself will undoubtedly be worthwhile. "

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