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This Web site is created and maintained by Woodpecker Multimedia, and its focus is the music and life of a Modern Minstrel, educator, singer-songwriter & acoustic multi-instrumentalist Harvey Reid. It contains a great deal of information about him-- his music, his writings, tunings, lyrics, interviews, instruments & gear- even some recordings he likes. In an entertainment world dominated by huge multi-national corporations, where page space, air-time and ink have been carefully rationed and controlled, we are pleased to share with you the life and work of an interesting and productive musician, without having to condense, edit and worry about the cost of printing and mailing.

Reid has produced over 32 recordings and played nearly 6000 concerts in his 40-year career. He has chosen to not participate in the music industry, lives in a small town in Maine, and has never signed to a record label. Due to the centralized nature of the music business, he has never received widespread publicity and attention, and due to the way record distribution works, information about him and his highly-acclaimed recordings is not easily found.

Harvey has assembled and arranged most of this information himself, from his personal archive of clippings, reviews, art, writings, photos and recordings, and we think this Web site is a fine example of how the Internet can give a more obscure yet deserving artist's work a chance to be placed along side those artists who have the much larger name recognition brought about by their association with large entertainment corporations. So plunge in...

We purposely do not have all the latest code and fancy graphics because we are aware that many of you do not have the fastest connections and the newest software. The purpose of the internet is to be inclusionary and to make sure as many of you as possible can access this information, (including those with text-only browsers and black &white screens...) This should be a public forum and information source, and not a place to show off computer skills unnecessarily.

A message from Harvey Reid: "Woodpecker Records is a small, acoustic-music record label, and the Internet is a vital part in our plan to continue to bring you handcrafted music direct from me to you. We have kept a mailing list for over 30 years, and have never sold or traded our customer information with anyone. We absolutely will not secretly gather any information about you during your visit to our web site, or compromise any information we might obtain in dealing with you over the Internet, and your customer information will only be used by us to give you better service. If you buy a recording from us, your name will go into our mailing list, which means that I will send you a newsletter about once a year, and an occasional postcard when I might be performing in your area. That's about it. We are now doing e-mailings to save postage and printing costs, and encourage you to join our e-mailing list to be informed of new recordings and concerts in your area.

Internet security is a big new issue. The big companies or hackers may do sleazy things with your information, but I will offer my personal assurance that nothing of the sort will happen when you deal with us. You have a lot more to fear when your credit card is used at a restaurant than you do ordering by e-mail from me. Information security is worth worrying about, and I will promise you that you don't have to worry about Woodpecker Records abusing yours.

Thank you for your support, for listening to my recordings, and helping me continue to survive as an independent artist."

Harvey Reid

WOodpecker Multimedia

What's new here?

Harvey Reid has been working since 2009 on a monumental project to organize and disseminate a huge amount of information about how to use partial capos on guitar, which he has pioneered and likely knows more about than anyone. This will ultimately result in nearly 1000 pages of content, straddling dozens of books and recordings. During that tine he has also been raising two young boys, and his concert schedule, email or Facebook time are only a fraction of what they once were or might have been. Once he releases his new projects, there will be more spare time to tinker with web sites and chat with everyone, and add the new content here on the web site. Many of the books are now done.

MP3 & Audio

Enjoy your visit here, and let us know if you have comments or questions, and we will do our best to answer you. If you would like to join our mailing list (for e-mail or postal mail), send us your address, and you will get a postcard when Harvey performs in your area, and a once-a-year newsletter in the Fall. We do not share names or data with other mailing lists, and will not do secret tracking, abuse or misuse your information.

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This web site concerns the music and life of acoustic musician Harvey Reid.

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