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This Web page contains lyrics to all of acoustic instrumentalist and songwriter Harvey's 57 recorded original songs, listed alphabetically, including currently out of print songs from LP #102. This is done so as a service to fans and whomever else might be interested, intended for personal use and research purposes only. Copyright 1971-2011 by Harvey Reid. [UPDATED 12/6/11]


A Very Old Song
All or Nothing
April Rain
Candlelight Carol
Crying Shame
Dreamer or Believer
Dying A Little
Fishing Pond Blues
From Where I Stand
Gathering the Harvest
Golden Rule
Good Old Days Blues
Great Sad River
Guide Me
How In This World
I Have Finally Found a Home
It's A Banjo Playing
I Will Learn to Love You
Johnny the Fisherman
Like An Orphan Child
Lonesome As Can Be
Losers in Love
Love Like Lightning
Maybe Someday
Missing A Train
Moonshiner's Blues
Ode to the E Chord
Not Grieve the Dying Light
Old Portsmouth Town
Once Upon A Time
Restless Man
Shake It Loose
Show Me the Road
Silver Blue
Silver Midnight Moon
Sing Me A Lullaby
Slipped Through My Hand
Sweet Guitar
Talkin' Organic Food
The Boatman
The Flower of Loudoun County
The Gray Man
The Heart of the Minstrel on Christmas
The Lights of Love
This Old Heart of Mine
Time and Space
To the Western Wind
Too Old To Ride
Waiting for the Day
Walk Through A Graveyard
Will You Go to the Sea
Wreck of the Isidore

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