The following quotes came from the publisher peer reviews, that were submitted by music faculty at accredited universities...
" Its unusually thorough treatment of major topics makes this an ideal text for both beginning and intermediate courses."
" I have never seen so much practical, useful information in one book before."
"Modern Folk Guitar contains an outstanding presentation of much material that is not readily found elsewhere, especially not to be found in introductory instructional books for the guitar."
"I like the book largely because of its comprehensive coverage of so many aspects of guitar playing."
"No other book that I've seen on beginning guitar gives such careful explanations.... That makes the book function well as a self-help guide in addition to the normal textbook usage."
"The book is excitingly innovative, clear and concise, and thorough."
"Students tend to keep it rather than sell it at the end of the semester because they develop a liking for the contents and realize that there is enough here to keep them developing for a long time."

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This web site concerns the music and life of acoustic musician, writer & music educator Harvey Reid.

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