Coming Of Winter Concert Launched!

quartet photo

10/5/96 Brian SIlber, Rick Watson, Lynn Rothermich & Harvey Reid at the Unitarian Church in Portsmouth NH at Coming of Winter Concert. (B. Reid)

On 10/10/92 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his 1st album, Harvey corralled 3 of his favorite musicians: Brian Silber (violin, viola) from Baltimore, Lynn Rothermich (vocals) from Branson, MO, & Rick Watson (vocals, keyboard, bass, mandolin, guitar, accordion, banjo) from Valparaiso, IN to do a concert at the Unitarian Church in Portsmouth, NH. They have performed & recorded with him for 20, 19 and 16 years, respectively, but this was the 1st time they all performed together. On Oct 5 this year they did it again, and launched The Coming of Winter Concert. Harvey plans to make it an annual event. So Oct 4, 1997 there will be the 3rd annual concert in Portsmouth. He recorded both the '92 and the '96 shows, and there may be a live album some time, or at least a bootleg. There was old and new material, and a lot of things not usually performed. It is a spectacular time of year to be in New England, and plans are afoot to make it special every year, with mystery guests if possible.

The set list for the show was:
SET 1: 1 Once Upon A Time 2 Like An Orphan Child 3 Oh Marie 4 Come Walk With Me
5 Melody To Miss You By 6 Maggots/ Fisher's Hornpipe 7 Johnny the Fisherman 8 Western Wind 9 Are You From Dixie 10 Diamond Lil 11 Ain't Misbehavin 12 Washington County 13 All or Nothing
SET 2: 1 How Can I Keep From Singing? 2 Fyvio/Road To Dundee 3 Last Dance of Summer 4 Old Portsmouth Town 5 Crossing The Water 6 Kentucky Waltz 7 L-O-N-E-S-O-M-E 8 Brian solo
9 They Call Me The Breeze 10 Louisiana Love 11 Guide Me 12 Southwind 13 You Send Me

Next year's show will be Friday, October 3,1997 at 8pm.

HR w/ autoharp (48k) Rick w/ accordion (40k) Harv setting up (32k)(photos by Brian Reid)

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phone (207) 363-1886

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