Harvey Reid Recent Pics & News

(above) Grand Finale of the 1st Annual (1998) Prescott Park Folk Festival

Left to Right: Rick Watson, Cormac McCarthy, Jerry Short, Stan Moeller, Jon Ross, Dave Boehm, Rocky Rockwood, Emery Hutchins, Harvey Reid, Sammi Haynes, John Perrault, Susie Burke (pic: Nancy Carr) Below is the promo shot done at the Union leader for their feature article, with Harvey, Cormac McCarthy (L) , TS Baker and Stan Moeller (R)2

with David Lee Murphy

Harvey & David Lee Murphy

Backstage at the Kingsport Funfest in July 1998 in Kingport TN, where Harvey and David Lee Murphy and Martina McBride were in a triple bill show. Below is Harvey on stage in front of 15,000 or so country music lovers.

Funfest on stage



with Denny Breau

Harvey playing dobro with guitar great Denny Breau in Wells, Maine, August 1998, and

jamming and grinning with Mary Flower at the Dolphin Striker Portsmouth NH August 1998 (pics: Marisa Donahue)

in Norway

Harvey on stage at the Hovleriet in Haugesund, Norway for the Haugesund Roots Festival in July 1998.

with Short Brothers

Harvey jamming some bluegrass with Rick Watson and Jerry Short (The Short Brothers) at the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth NH August 1998. (pic: Marisa Donahue)

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